Are you confused about Medicare? Are you looking for someone you can trust, who will give you honest information... and then take the time to enroll you in the Plan that’s best for YOU?

I created the SMILE App™ and the process behind it, just for you. My goal was to remove your Medi-Confusion while providing assurance you are in the exact right Plan. I’d love the opportunity to work with you!
— Jeremy D. Harrison, Owner 818 Inc.

Get Medicare Plans Supplement

Step 1. Complete App

Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, complete a super simple & FUN online app. We made it easy... using mostly picture buttons and drop down boxes. We named it the SMILE App™ because we know it will lead to you smiling! 😁

Medicare Plans By Phone

Step 2. Rate Lock

Once you, or your 818 Agent completes the SMILE App™, we will go to work for you. Our team will research and seek to identify the right Plan for YOU at the lowest price. We then get everything ready so we can lock your rate on the Wrap Up Call.

Medicare Plans Over Phone

Step 3. First Premium

At the end of the Wrap Up Call, if you feel comfortable with the Plan we have helped you identify, we will submit all your paperwork to the Insurance Carrier for final approval. Once approved, they will draft your first premium which means you officially have a new Medicare Plan!

New Medicare Policy

Step 4. Receive Policy

Since the work is done, you just sit back and relax… your new policy will arrive in your mailbox within a week or two. If you have any questions, or ever have any problems, our 818 Team will always be there for you. We will be one call, chat, or email away!

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Is the information entered on the SMILE App SECURE?

The SMILE App was built using multiple levels of security including HTTPS and TLS. We are also verified with McAfee Secure as indicated by the "Trustmark" icon. When we transmit the application to the Carrier, we do so directly on their secured site. So... 'Yes', it's secure!

Do I complete the SMILE App or does someone complete it for me?

Good question!

The answer is… either.

You can complete the SMILE App on your own, which will enable you to work directly with our home office. Or, if you are working with a local 818 Licensed Partner, we recommend you requesting them to complete the SMILE App on your behalf so they remain your direct 818 contact.

Am I automatically qualified?

Unfortunately final qualification is out of our hands but rest assured, we will do everything we can to find you a great Plan at a great price… even if that means applying with multiple Carriers.

How much will I be charged for completing the SMILE App?

There is NO CHARGE by 818 Inc. at any point in the process. Once we have identified your new Plan, you will be responsible to pay the monthly premium directly to the Insurance Carrier, which we help facilitate.

What happens after the SMILE App?

As we mentioned, your secure information will be electronically transmitted to us so we can quickly begin searching for the best possible Plan for you. Once we find it, we schedule your “Wrap Up Call”… to lock your rate, answer your questions, and finalize your policy!