Jerry | Partner
Flushing, MI

I ran into Jeremy at a Senior Expo and immediately recognized his knowledge and passion for the industry. I invited him to come train my team in preparation for the upcoming Open Enrollment season. Jeremy had my entire team engaged and everyone came out excited to work with him. Since then, we have consistently submitted business and we have never had an unhappy client! We will be working with Jeremy and 818 for the long haul!

Barbara | Client
Waterford, MI

I feel like a huge monster is off my shoulders! Last Open Enrollment season, I opted for a new plan that would give me better coverage, I thought. I found out very soon after the plan became effective that it would be my worst nightmare

I had a much needed surgery scheduled which I had to mentally prepare for number 1, and stress over so many other things I needed to get in order before this date.

Three days before the surgery I find out the Medicare advantage plan I chose denied the surgery. The reasoning made absolutely no sense. I couldn't imagine continuing on with this pain and paying a ridiculous amount of money per month for insurance that was not allowing me to have the surgery needed.

As I panicked, I just got on the internet trying to figure out what to do and happened upon Jeremy's [818's] information. Jeremy has been God sent. He is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. He put up with my anger, frustration, questioning, etc with such grace. In a matter of a short time, he had me all set up in a Medigap plan that will cover my surgery and has so many other benefits! 

I turned 65 last year, was already on Medicare due to a disability, and had no idea there were Medigap options available to me because I had turned 65... no one made me aware of this.

I know everyone is frustrated with trying to figure this Medicare insurance thing out. Again, that's where Jeremy comes in. I will ONLY deal with him for my health insurance needs. I tell everyone I know that he is the man. I can now relax knowing I am covered, and that my surgery will go off without a hitch thanks to Jeremy. And the best part, no more copays, prior approvals and the like.
I suggest you give him a call, let him know your needs and I guarantee you'll be very happy you did!

Marilyn | Client
Southfield, MI

I needed to get a better price on my supplemental insurance and through an email I received, I contacted Jeremy. That was the best call ever! Jeremy saved me a LOT of money on my monthly premium cost. I recommended him to my sister and she saved a lot of money too. Jeremy is very personable ... in other words, when you speak to him, the entire call is going to be about YOU and your needs. Jeremy is honest, patient ... in other words, no such thing as a dumb question! I could go on but I think you've got the message. Don't hesitate to call him or refer him to your friends.

Diane | Client
St. Clair, MI

My husband & I are very grateful to have found Jeremy as our Insurance Representative. Jeremy went beyond the call of duty when he went to bat for us with a misunderstanding with the insurance company & helped resolve the problem. We are so happy with his insurance recommendations & insurance premiums!